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A nders Lasater grew up wanting to be an architect or a drum- mer in a rock band. After obtaining a bachelor’s and a master’s degree in architecture, the architect part came pretty easily.Now, with the formation of Thunderhose, both of Anders’ boyhood dreams have come true. Music, cooking and family help Anders get through “the dry times” in architecture, he says, when projects move from the creative, inspirational stage to the often drawn out approval and vetting process. “You have to have a level of patience as an architect,”Anders says. “Music and cook- ing have immediacy to them.” Involved in residential and commercial architecture,Anders is well versed in the ups and downs of living and working as an architect in a city that is very concerned with preserving its historic ambiance. He has designed dozens of new homes and some 70 remodels locally, as well as in other parts of California and in Hawaii. His commercial work can be seen in Laguna’s Peter Blake Gallery and Fetneh Blake clothing store, and Wohrle Dental Clinic and Tek Salon in Newport Beach. Last year,Anders joined forces with Peter Blake to design the Riviera Suite at La Casa del Camino Hotel, and in 2007 he was instrumental in keeping the Casa rooftop open to the public. “I went into the archives and researched articles written when the building was built by William Riddle as an ode of love to his Laguna Beach,”Anders says. “I put together a short history of the hotel with newspaper cutouts and used it to explain to folks downtown that [La Casa del Cami- no] has great width and breadth of history and to remove access to [its rooftop] would be counter to what William Riddle was doing when he built this building.” Anders’ confronts history again with one of his new projects—an addition to the old Peace Barn, an iconic hillside home designed by respected Laguna ar- chitect and Anders’ mentor Fred Briggs. As he explains, “The more people who are open to the arts and understand art comes in many forms—art in galleries, sculpture in public places and architec- ture—the more people are open to art, the more they value what architects can do.” APRIL/MAY 2010 LAgunA BEACH MAgAZInE 63 Anders Lasater Master architect —and rock star

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